Chinese Programme

K1 to K2 Chinese Programme

At 贝乐思, we make learning Chinese language fun for pre-schoolers through purposeful play with the aim of grooming them to be effective bilingual. Our curriculum is specially developed to help students gain a deeper appreciation of the language by helping them build a strong foundation in Hanyu Pinyin and gain fundamental linguistic skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Primary 1 To Primary 6 Chinese Programme

贝乐思’s Chinese tuition programme aims to cultivate in our students a love for Chinese language through our fun and engaging lessons. Our curriculum is specially crafted to integrate both Chinese and Higher Chinese components based on the latest MOE syllabus. Our teachers weave divergent thinking thought processes and right brain learning methodologies intricately into our lessons so that our students can develop critical thinking skills while mastering the Chinese language.

Our results proven curriculum and teaching methodology have helped many students greatly. More than 98% of our students scored A / A* for their PSLE Chinese examination in 2017.

贝乐思的华文教学旨在通过生动有趣的课堂教学来培养学生对华文的兴趣。我们课程的教材完全按照教育部的最新大纲编写,分为华文和高级华文两个部分。我们的教师将右脑学习法和发散性思维融入课程,学生可以在学习华文的过程中发展批判性思维。我们的学生取得的优异成绩可以很好地证明此课程获得的成功:超过百分之九十八的学生在2017年的小六会考中取得了A / A*。

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Primary 1 To Primary 6 Creative Writing Programme

Our creative writing programme is targeted at helping students overcome their struggles in writing Chinese essays by helping the students grasp the important steps to writing a good essay using good words and phrases. They are introduced to different approaches of writing compositions. The programme includes vocabulary building, comprehension answering techniques and oracy skills to help your child excel in creative writing.


To find out more about the above programme, call us at +65 6634 5618.